Keyfacts about Sharepoint 2010

1) It now contains an Office RIbbon

Yes! Just like the one that's appeared ontop of word and excel. Gone is the old system of drilling through menus and here is the system of hmmm winding through a ribbon.

The Ribbon has a few cool features though:

EditFor example there's an edit section where you will find, bundle together, all the stuff to do with checking out documents

Word Style Ribbon
And when you are updating a wiki/editing a job etc you get a cool faux-word ribbon.

2) A new SharePoint Designer

So Sharepoint Designer has been given a cool new makeover so as now it looks more like a Facebook app then a design tool. It does have some handy features though... including some new Workflow types Microsoft have thrown in for you to play with.


3) Silverlight

Microsoft have woven huge ammounts of Silverlight into Sharepoint 2010. It lets you create funky silver light user interfaces. So with only a small ammount of modification, you can make a boring GANTT chart come to life in vibrant glowing 3D.
Silverlight Logo

4) More Speed!

Ok so this is probably the big improvement that most people were hoping for... a faster response time in page loading and refreshing.

So how have Microsoft achieved this? By using script within the browser to refresh only the sections of the page that have been edited (unlike previous editions of Sharepoint which refresh the entire page whenever you change something, no matter how small).