How Can Sharepoint Help My Business?
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Remember that Sharepoint is fully customizable.  All the customer fields and lists can be adapted to suit your needs. For example, a client list containing a list of company names, key contacts, email addresses and phone numbers could just as easily be a list of fruit containing details on bananas, apples, pears and grapefruits!

Sharepoint can track sales, projects and customer relations Click Here

Develop better communication channels
Collect vital data, like customer details and order histories
Create detailed profiles such as customer preferences
Deliver instant, company-wide access to customer histories
Identify new selling opportunities

Sharepoint as a Shared CalendarClick Here

Shared calendars allow all individuals or group members to share important events in the business calendar.
Using shared calendars for resource booking allows staff to check the availability of resources such as meeting rooms, projectors and other equipment, and to make bookings for those resources, thus reducing time lost resolving conflicts, tracing misplaced items etc.
Use the calendar to create birthday and anniversary reminders for important business contacts.
Shared Calendars allow staff members with access to the calendar to make appointments. Each user can then see those appointments.
Sharepoint as an Address Book
Click Here

Avoid those situations of one person having all the company contacts stored on their PC by pooling company contacts into a group address book.
These contacts can contain client information such as extention numbers, reference notes etc.
Contacts lists can be exported to/imported from XL spreadsheets, thus making them easy for use by mass mailing programs etc

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